Flushing service


FLUSHING SERVICE is a trademark owned by PANOLIN, the specialist in biodegradable lubricants who provides you with the means to render your equipment compliant in only a few hours and at low cost.

By making the decision to convert your equipment to biodegradable synthetic lubricants PANOLIN ®, you can count on the close collaboration of the specialists of ENVIROLIN which shall train your staff with great pleasure on the peculiarities of products, on the procedures as well as on the mechanical objectives and Ecotoxicological objectives to achieve.

Envirolin will direct you to a certified conversion centre that can economically adapt your equipment in just a few hours.

The six commitments of these certified conversion centres are:

  1. Less than 5% residual mineral oil in your hydraulic system after conversion.
  2. An 18/16/12 (ISO 4406) cleanliness class.
  3. “Turnkey” reintegration of your material within 24 hours.
  4. PANOLIN® HLP SYNTH is 5/6 times longer lasting than your regular mineral oil or lifetime warranty.
  5. A certificate guaranteeing the conversion of your material to biodegradable PANOLIN® HLP SYNTH.
  6. A PANOLIN biodegradable oil identification sticker.

List of our centers of conversion