ENVIROLIN et PANOLIN® are in compliance with sustainable development principles : marketed products are non toxic, biodegradable and water soluble. These are the ideal lubricants for the marine, transportation, agriculture, forestry and hydroelectric sectors because they help to safeguard sensitive environments.

A material is said to be biodegradable if it is decomposed by micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi and algae.

In compliance with : OCDE 301B __ ASTM D-6046-98a (PW1, TW1, TS1) __ ISO 9439 and OPPTS 85.3110 directives, PANOLIN® chose the ultimate biodegradability – a complete degradation of an organic compound by micro-organisms leading to the production of CO2, water, mineral salts, etc. The results are expressed in % of elimination within a maturity period of 28 days.

Here are the PANOLIN® products successful biodegradability and eco-toxicity results:

  • OECD 301 B Biodegradability 71 % – 78 % in 28 days
  • OECD 201 Algea
  • OECD 202 Daphnia
  • OECD 203 Fish
  • OECD 207 Earth worms
  • OECD 209 Active sludge
  • OECD 401 Mammals
  • OECD 407 No Bioaccumulation

PANOLIN® biodegradable synthetic lubricants meet the following international standards:

Germany Blue Angel acc. to RAL-UZ 79
Austria Ö-Norm C 2027
Czech Rep. Écolabel
UK EA standard
Holland VAMIL Regulation
Japan Eco Mark
Sweden Swedish Standard 15 54 34 (SP-list)
Europ EEL (European Ecolabel)
Korea Eco-label

Founded 60 years ago, PANOLIN AG is a totally independent Swiss family company located in Madetswil near Zurich. The development, production and marketing of PANOLIN® lubricants are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Innovation, flexibility and know-how combined with close customer relations make PANOLIN AG your ideal partner for everything related to lubricants.