Special additives

Panolin Anti QR

Hydraulic fluid additive, which effectively suppresses squealing and stick-slip in hydraulic cylinders on plant and machinery. Applications: both for mineral and synthetic hydraulic fluids.

Panolin System Cleaner MGH

Light yellow flushing fluid for oil systems. Removes sludge and deposits from oil lines.

Panolin VCP

Panolin VCP is mainly designed for the hydraulic components such as cylinders, hydraulic tanks and other hydraulic components. It protects the open hydraulic components still empty and stored outside against the corrosion.


PANOLIN ANTIFOAM 46 EST is an anti-foaming agent, very economical and effective while reducing the surface tension of mineral or synthetic base fluids. When needed, it can be used in hydraulic units, compressors, and gearboxes.


PANOLIN AVEC is a special biodegradable additive to use with PANOLIN HLP SYNTH. It eliminates possible squeaking, chattering, and stick-slip effects in hydraulic cylinders. It prevents vibrations of the lamellae in the submerged breaks.

Range of products

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