BLC 100

BLC-100 is excellent for eliminating rust, tar, dirt and grease (depending on use) while acting as a lubricant. It is used whenever lubrication is required, to increase the lifespan of parts wherever there is a potential problem with friction and/or corrosion.

BLC 475

BLC-475 is a biodegradable tar and bitumen solvent, water soluble, with a powerful formula for both industrial and commercial applications. It dissolves easily tar, bitumen, which may have accumulated on tools, equipments, building materials or be used as a cleaner in the event of spill where tar / bitumen are involved.

BLC 406

BLC-406 is a water soluble degreaser, made from plant based solvents. It is biodegradable, non-toxic and has a unique formula with outstanding properties. This product was designed to be used with parts washers.

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